The Process/Requirements

Process and Requirements

There is no application fee for submitting an application. However, once your application is approved, there is a fee to process the credit/background check. This will be done via Turbo Tenant. Here are our minimum requirements, and they apply to all applicants:
1. Minimum credit score of 620. If lower, then we require first and last months rent, plus the security deposit.
2. We will need copies of your last two pay stubs. Employment will be verified.
3. Total household income (bring home amount) must be at least three (3) times the rent amount.
4. Application must be filled out completely.
5. Must have verifiable references. If you have no prior landlord, you will need a co-signer on the lease.
6. No evictions within the past five (5) years.
7. Must have full move in amount upon move in date. We do not allow partial payments.